Going up a gear, with the PIE Abacus

These pages contain advice and information – and a good deal of speculation and exploration – about the need for a step change in complex needs services. But our particular focus here is on the contribution we can make, as PIEs; and the prospects of doing so using the software version of the Pizazz, which we call the PIE Abacus.

This software has been piloted over several years with a group of ‘early adopters’, using it within their own services. (On the PIElink pages there is a whole string of quotes and testimonials. eventually link here)

We can now say with confidence that it IS effective in giving large and complex organisations and networks an overview of progress, and where some extra in-put may be most needed – which was its original purpose, when first developed for use in education.

But it reminds very new, and we are still trying to scope out the potential it has for taking the PIEs approach to a whole new, still more systemic level : HERE.

Here we will have a number of videos (also on the original PIElink site) made to introduce and tease out some of the less obvious features of the software.

Much of this lies in the ambition in PIEs 2 to devise a single framework that – like the Rosetta stone? – could allow ALL complex need services to ‘speak the same language’.

We will have – both here, and in the forums and SIGs – more exploration of the need for ‘getting systemic’ : HERE

But we also begin to introduce here some ideas on the way forward, in taking all this exploration still further, with an ‘advisory’ or ‘editorial’ board for the PIElink : HERE

And we can then start to see the prospects for stimulating further development, in re-investing the income from the PIE Abacus through the new investment company, PIRAN : HERE