An ‘advisory’ or ‘editorial’ board?

Over the past 10 years, there have been many people who have contributed to the development and evolution of the PIEs approach, and the PIEs framework. But with Robin proposing to stand down in 2022, we will want to see something more organised.

The current proposal is to therefore to create an advisory or editorial board for the PIElink – comparable to a Special Interest Group, but covering the entire range of PIEs activity – to advise the PIRAN executive Board on what future developments are needed : HERE

All sectors contributing?

Their advice can cover any new issues arising and any necessary or promising directions for development of the PIElink forums, to keep that site as dynamic, engaged and up-to date as possible: HERE

But as a key stakeholders representatives group, that advice can cover any new requirements or features felt to be desirable for the PIE Abacus itself.

Robin’s suggestion is that for a while at least, he can himself be a member of the advisory board, at least until it finds its feet. This, he thinks, will allow him to gradually hand over the direction of the forums, the SIGs and eventually the management of the income from the PIE Abacus, to re-invest. It is a key part of what he describes as his ‘Cheshire Cat’s grin’ approach to retirement – to fade away, slowly, but leaving the grin behind.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat
Vintage colour lithograph of Alice and the Cheshire Cat, from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, John Tenniel.