Let’s do it…

The creation and publication of this secondary PIElink site creates, in effect, a rather exciting opportunity to build this new site with more active involvement from folk about what you want and need.

We can actually set out to build it as we intend it to go on, with more interactive engagement from the various communities of practice that it means to support.

(Video with Robin to go here)

So do feel free to email with any thoughts, suggestions, reactions, or whatever. For the moment, at least, you can send any feedback – or any suggestions and requests – to rogerwenack@gmail.com

But the site itself is still just one of the new opportunities for engagement that we mean to create.

Take a look – if you haven’t already – at

  • the Forums page (HERE);
  • the Special Interest Groups (HERE);
  • the editorial advisory board (HERE)
  • and the proposals for a whole new company, PIRAN (HERE), to take over the running of both this site,
  • and the PIElink (HERE) too.