Here we will be describing the thinking behind creating a new company, specifically to re-invest income from the PIE Abacus.

The stated purpose of the company is to use this income – and any other – to promote development and creativity in the complex needs services sector.

(A video here from Robin, outlining the idea)

The company is formally registered as the ‘PIEs Income Re-Investment and Networking Company Ltd’; which spells out the purpose in the name. But for short we will usually be calling it PIRAN Co Ltd – or just ‘PIRAN’.

Formally it is PIRAN that has contracted with Opeus, the software developers, to develop and market the PIE Abacus – a version of their ‘iAbacus’ which as been customised for the complex needs sector and specifically the PIEs framework.

(More technically, PIRAN holds the Intellectual Property of the PIE Abacus and the PIElink, licensing use of all these to Opeus. PIRAN also provides ‘promotion and marketing’ services, and further development with ‘customer engagement’ via the PIElink.)

This is what secures the income, which we can then re-invest.

NB: We also propose to develop, in tandem, an ‘advisory’ or ‘editorial board’, to advise the directors of this new company, to ensure that they are fully aware and up-to-speed on developments and needs across the range of areas where the PIEs approach is proving effective.

You will find more on the advisory/editorial board: HERE