The ‘PIElink – community’ site is quite new, created in Jan 2022 as the companion site to the original PIElink – (www.pielink.net).

Differentiating the membership between these two sites will allow us in future to offer the membership of each a more focused content, and a more appropriate level of engagement with the PIEs approach in practice.

On this site, for those more actively engaged as a “PIElink community”, we can have more in-depth exploration of the PIEs approach via the forums, and in particular, how and where the approach is evolving and/or developing into new areas : HERE

The original site remains a key resource for services interested in developing as PIEs, from ‘entry level’ to those already relatively well advanced along their particular road.

Over the first few weeks of 2022, we will begin transferring some of the pages from the original PIElink to this new site.

Through the Special Interest Groups, members here can be pro-actively involved in helping develop new features, or advice and guidance that we later issue to others (via the PIElink itself), and/or further topics to explore in future forums : HERE

Those who get still more involved, and opt to participate in the PIE Abacus advisory/editorial board will have a say in the development of the forum and SIG programme, and the development of the Pizazz and PIE Abacus; and with that, the continuing evolution of the PIE approach as such : HERE

More radically still, this will include advising on how in future to deploy the resources of the PIRAN project : HERE

NB: For the present, at least, you should sign up for this site and any of the groups and activities here via the original PIElink’s forums email : forums[at]pielink.net