Housing First work as PIEs?

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In the course of 2021 we had several discussions over how to see the relationship between PIEs and Housing First – ‘HF’ – two of them co-hosted with Housing First England.

The consensus then was that HF and PIEs are fully compatible; that we can even see the HF approach as one example of the PIE approach.

Going a step further, it may be that HF only really works when it goes beyond the minimal defining features – ‘the non-negotiables’ – and is embedded in the much ‘richer’ description that the PIEs framework offers.

We can continue to explore this suggestion in a variety of discussions, including in the lunchtime forums programme : HERE

As a practical suggestion, we propose in this SIG to take an extended look at ‘Useful Questions’, the original (generic) Pizazz Handbook.

We can take the practice examples given there, and either rephrase them, or change and give entirely new examples, that are more suited to HF practice. Members – and any others – can then send in their suggestions at any time; and we use the time of the SIG to discuss what to include.

NB: With the PIElink currently inaccessible, the Handbook is not currently available to download from the PIElink (www.pielink.net). As soon as that site is back in action, it will be there.

But in the meantime, to get a copy, just email to : rogerwenack@gmail.net