Special Interest Groups – actively contributing to the evolution of the PIE approach

The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are on-going, on-line discussions in the manner of a working party – but without the formality.

Anyone who is a registered member of there PIElink community can participate and contribute to these SIG discussions, to whatever extent they wish and are able to, granted other demands on your time.

SIGs have a regular monthly meeting (via Zoom) and the discussions through the Forums programme also contribute more broadly, as the same issues will come up and be touched on repeatedly in these.

There are currently three active SIGs:

  • PIEs research and evaluation : HERE
  • PIEs and Housing First : HERE
  • The PIE leads’ SIG : HERE

NB: in addition, we have a proposal for another on-going group with a still wider brief: the Advisory/editorial Board : HERE