This new companion site to the original PIElink is the new home or hub for the more actively engaged members of the PIElink community.

Over the next few weeks and months we will be gradually moving to here all the user-interactive features of the original PIElink website (

NB: the original site will continue to operate as a key resource for the ideas and the practice of PIEs – Psychologically Informed Environments.

The PIElink will still have all the material needed for an introduction to the concept, and an exploration of this multi-faceted approach to complex needs. But it will be simply a site of static pages, with the members’ Library area for downloads.

Here, by contrast, we will find all the more ‘cutting edge’ material for the live discussions – the bi-weekly lunchtime forums, the Special Interest Groups, and the proposed new Advisory / Advisory Group.

This site currently has four main activity areas:

  • Forums – our bi-weekly lunchtime discussions on topical issues: HERE
  • Special Interest Groups – on-going development of the PIE idea: HERE
  • R&D – using the Pizazz – for service development: HERE
  • Gearing up – for a step change and paradigm shift: HERE

We can add new topics later to the forums and the SIGs; but this seems enough, to start with.


For those who want to actively participate, we will need you to register separately here, in order to get onto the ‘active contacts’ mailing list.

You will also need to be registered on the old PIElink, however, to get access to the Library. If you are NOT already registered there (, you will want to do so, whenever convenient.

But for the extra level of active engagement that the companion site is geared up for, you must register here in addition.

You can sign up via the Contact page: HERE