PIE leads SIG

Please note: we are just waiting for the release of an email specific to this site, before launching the SIGs schedule dates. This is because we need an email address to send the contact details to, when members are able to sign up via the Contacts page. There will be an email to all PIElink members at that point, to notify them all of this new option..

This Special Interest Group is specifically for PIE leads. By this, we mean anyone with the responsibility for introducing and promoting the PIEs approach in any organisation or network, however large or small.

Whatever your actual role, therefore – be it an enthusiast for PIEs in a particular service, or a manager with the given task, a psychologist attached to a service, or an independent consultant or trainer – this will be a time and place to compare notes with others.

These conversations will be confidential – kept within the group of participants on the day. But any conclusions that seem worth generalising and passing on to others can be passed on to the R&D, for sharing more widely.

For example, the R&D page here on Season One’s discussions and material on ‘Roll out and embedding’ was summarised, with no names or organisations identified: HERE


There are a good few other videos already produced, covering many aspects of the possible uses of the Pizazz and the PIE Abacus that were created with PIE leads in mind.

These will be accessible via the PIElink, as and when it is available.